Toggl Storage!

Updated - 23 Apr 2018

This functionality is currently in testing mode. We are only testing inserting times. Editing/Deleting, and pulling times are currently not available, but coming shortly. If you want the full package, please wait while this is no longer in testing.

What is this?

To provide a backup to your times and reporting functionality, Toggl will be used to store this data. Toggl is used specifically to store timesheet data and is the reason I chose to go with this service. The first step is simply creating a Toggl account which you can do here: This service is free but pro paid versions exist as well. If you already use Toggl, you do not have to worry as we will be creating a new workspace to keep seperate, just for TT. If you don't care about having a backup service, you do not have to do anything. You can use TT the same way as always.

Set Up

To set up we will need two things. An API Key, and a workspace ID. The API key allows TT to store times as a back up. A workspace ID lets TT read/write only the workspace provided.

  1. Once an account is created, you will see your username in the bottom left of the page. Click on this and go to profile settings. Copy the field that says API token and paste it in the API token field below.
  2. While in profile settings change your time zone to UTC -7
  3. On the left menu bar of Toggl, click on workspaces. Hit create new worspace. You can name this whatever you want. Keep hitting continue and click the free version (unless you want to upgrade, the free version has everything we need). Now go back to workspaces and find the one you just created. Click the three dots and go to settings. The url will look something like this The number in the url is your workspace ID (2707836). Copy this number and paste it in WorkSpace Id field below.

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How to test.

Just work as you normally would. A new record should be entered as you submit each task. You should see the times pop up here They tend to populate a couple of seconds after submitting each task. Please check the time zone of the tasks. This is the main thing I am currently testing. If the times are correct but in an incorrect time zone, send me a bug report.