TickyTimer Faqs

How do I view my timecards?

  • You may view your time cards on the local storage page. This is true for both local storage and database storage + local backup.
  • By default it shows the current date. To select date, simply hit the select date input and select the date.
  • If you have database storage selected your time cards will also store in the database storage page and allow you to query by date. You can select start date and end date to get the dates you need. By default times will show for (daily, bi-weekly, month, and year totals.)

How do I turn database storage on?

You do so on the home page. Flip the switch under storage to Database Storage + Local Storage Backup. Note local storage is cleared when you clear cache so if you want long term storage for your times, be sure to turn it on. To turn it on you have to be logged in so it knows what account to save it to.

Can I download my times?

You can definately export your times. If you have database storage on, query the dates you want on the database storage page and you will see an excel sheet has already been generated for you. Simply click the download icon. Note that the auto excel sheets are for the last 30 days. Afterwards the server gets rid of them to lower storage.

For those that use the local storage as the option, go to the local storage page (or the home page) and select the date you want by clicking the date input. Then hit the export button.

Can I manually edit times?

You can manually edit the time for today on the homepage. Click the pencil icon of the row and hit edit. Make your edits to the row, and then click the check mark to confirm. Session time can be edited by editing the last session time of the time card.