Updated - 24 October 2019

TickyTimer is a general productivity timer. By request I can make a bookmarklet for specific uses.

TT Bookmarklet Instructions Installation
1) Create a new bookmark.

2) Name it whatever you want and where it asks to put the url put the following bookmarklet code. (If using the chrome extension use the code found on this link)

3) Make sure to allow popups on raterhub. To do this click on the lock on the left side of the url. Where it says pop-ups and redirects hit allow. This is what allows the TT window to open.

Timer) Click on the bookmark each task. It will start a timer and create a toolbar on the bottom of the screen. Rate the task as normal. Submitting the task on the task page also submits on TT so you don't have to submit twice. All links in the toolbar open in a new tab. When you start a new task repeat the process.

Task Mapper) Click the bookmarklet on the task selection page and it will reveal the last tasks per button. Use this to get an idea of what each type of task may be.

Refresher) When there is NRT you click the bookmark on the empty task selection page and hit the refresher link that appears.

Scroller) On a task you can hit the bookmarklet twice (it will not set a second timer). This scrolls the page down to the first input and skips the instructions.

Page Quality Assistant) Click on any other page and get the page quality assistant for that domain